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Zimbabwe to pocket 30% of carbon credit proceeds

Zimbabwe will allow developers of carbon credits to keep as much as

Kenya is going digital to boost tax revenue – there are lessons to learn from other African countries

Many African tax authorities have weak capacity to raise revenue. From 1990

First-ever funded startup sparks Somaliland investment hopes

In significant news for the nearly 6m inhabitants of Somaliland, an unrecognised

Rwanda seeks investors in sustainable packaging solutions

Rwanda is looking for investors to engage in innovations of bringing alternative

Kenyan MPs vote to double taxes on fuel

Kenyan MPs have voted in favour of doubling of the value-added tax

Egypt cabinet approves draft law lifting tax exemptions for state bodies

Egypt's cabinet has approved a draft law to eliminate tax exemptions for

Why Rwanda’s new tax procedures law is a big deal

The Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) has three months to bring the tax

Ugandan Archbishop urges Christians to set up income-generating projects for their Churches.

The Archbishop of Church of Uganda, Stephen Kazimba Mugalu has asked Christians

Ghana records 82.4 per cent petroleum revenue increase

Ghana recorded a total petroleum revenue of US$1.43 billion in 2022, representing

Ghana Government introduces new 10% tax on betting and lottery winnings

The Government of Ghana has introduced a new tax on betting, games