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Paul Kagame speaks out on sectarianism in Rwanda

President Paul Kagame has told opinion leaders from Northern and Western provinces

Kenyan court declines to suspend “cult pastor’s” church closure

A Kenyan High Court has declined to suspend the directive by the

Kenyan ‘cult pastor’ preaches defies government order, preaches on Sunday Service

Embattled Kenyan pastor, Ezekiel Odero’s New Life Prayer Centre and Church on

Pope Francis calls for peaceful resolution to Niger Crisis

Pope Francis, on Sunday August 20, 2023, expressed hope for a peaceful

5 cult churches banned in Kenya over public safety concerns

The Kenyan government has banned five churches, including the church of the

Death toll in Nigeria mosque collapse reach 10

The number of people who died due to the central mosque collapsing

Ashura in Morocco: A colorful fusion of cultural celebrations and spiritual observance

In the captivating landscape of Morocco, the traditional rhythms of Islamic customs blend harmoniously

UN adopts Morocco’s proposed resolution against hate speech following Quran-burning

The UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution introduced by Morocco to

Trudeau accuses American Far-Right of ‘Weaponizing’ LGBT issue against Muslims

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to the criticism targeting the Canadian

Eid Al Adha: Morocco’s King pardons nearly 1500 Inmates

King Mohammed VI has pardoned 1434 convicts on the eve of Eid