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The perceived cost and risk of investing in advanced technologies deters the

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The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an international arrest warrant for

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It’s now more commonly known that alcohol and tobacco use make us

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In May 2022, the government in Ghana introduced a deeply unpopular tax

African countries expend civil liberties to deal with dissent

Fundamental rights and freedoms are continually getting restricted in almost 90 percent

The World Bank used to cause untold harm – but 30 years ago it started reforming, What went right

Development projects can have profound impacts on their societies. There are many

Kamala Harris Africa trip: Can US charm offensive woo continent from China?

First, it was the US secretary of state who went on a

Dr. Lawrence writes: So going to IMF is good after-all?

Seriously, if Nana Akufo Addo had not become President of Ghana, I

Women occupy very few academic jobs in Ghana, Culture and society’s expectations are to blame

In many parts of the world, men dominate the higher education sector.

African leaders must raise critical issues affecting continent at US summit – Kwesi Jonah

African leaders who will be participating in the upcoming second summit for