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Samsung gets golden license to set mobile phone factory in Egypt

Egypt Wednesday August 30 accorded South Korean tech giant Samsung a golden

TikTok and Kenya agree on a deal to moderate content

TikTok boss Shou Zi Chew has met Kenya’s president and agreed the

Ghana begins Digital Audio Broadcasting trial with 11 radio stations

Ghana's Communications Authority (NCA) has launched the trial phase of Digital Audio

Africa’s opportunity to take over global tech supply chain is here – report

The recent disruptions in the global supply chains has presented a unique

Scientists working on AI tools for mastering African languages

A group of scientists in Africa is working to create advanced artificial

Somalia ban TikTok, Telegram, 1Xbet to prevent indecent activities and content

The Somalian Ministry of Telecommunications and Technology has announced a ban on

Africa’s internet economy to exceed $180 bln by 2025, report suggests

Africa’s Internet economy has the potential to reach 5.2% of the continent’s

Airtel Chad fined $8 million for deteriorating network

Chad has fined a local subsidiary of Airtel (AAF.L) 5 billion CFA

Kenya signs deal with UN to roll out Digital Identity

The government of Kenya and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has

Egypt set load-shedding plans motion

The Egyptian Cabinet has announced a plan to reduce electricity loads which